Andrea Templon’s Toasty-Warm Album Melts Away Winter Blues

Like hot chocolate without the calories, sunshine without the skin damage, Andrea Templon’s singing is comforting warmth.

I started listening to her latest album “Dragonflies on Wings” during the unpleasant ice, snow, winds and government shenanigans of January. If you live in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area of North Carolina and listen to live music, you have probably heard Andrea sing, as a featured soloist, with Stained Glass Canoe, or the Ron Rudkin Band and Orchestra. I’ve known Andrea since high school, and even then, her voice was legendary. Her album brings that rich voice home to listeners like me, who are hibernating from all things dreary.
The album’s 11 songs are mainly covers, with three originals written by pianist Dave Fox. Jazz serves as the main course, with helpings of blues and country.  “Love Comes Calling,” rings true as a country song, complete with pedal steel. Andrea sings it with the youthfulness of a talent show contestant during the golden age of radio.
“Don’t Go to Strangers” satisfies my ears without the temptation to immediately listen to previous versions, from Etta Jones forward. Charles Burns duets with Andrea on a spine-tingling “Where Is the Love.”
This album provides a true measure of Andrea’s vocal talents.  Of particular note is her ability to inhabit the role of the singer. Ingenue or wise woman, saint or sinner, Andrea’s voice can take you there.  For Sunday morning easy listening, I recommend a hot buffet of “Dragonflies on Wings,” Find it on CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes or streaming on Spotify.

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