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When Good News Requires a Translator

I’m writing my latest Caring Bridge update on my personal website, ControlFreakPublicRelations, because Caring Bridge doesn’t handle full-size photos and YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS. So if you clicked on a link to get here, thanks. I am trying to show you my written PET scan report, not steal your credit card numbers or hack into your Ashley Madison account.
Isn’t technology great? I can sit in bed and use a hand-held computer and share the results of my Sloan Kettering medical test with people who live anywhere in the world.
So, take a glance. Seriously, don’t try and read it. This is just the last page, anyway.


Huh? Thoracic inlet? Adnexal cyst?
Here’s all you need to know, and here’s why I didn’t include the entire report, which would just make you squint and make a lemon-face, with all that jargon.
Stable. Stable. Stable. Stable.
Yes!!! Praise God.
“Stable” means my cancer isn’t growing. In some places in my bones, the lesions are actually smaller.
The reason this news is especially awesome is because it was so unexpected.
I started a new cancer treatment several months ago, called Afinitor. It doesn’t help every patient. My doctor believed it could help me. I was unable to tolerate the usual 20 mg dose, or a half-dose, or even 7.5 mg. At the time of the scan, I was taking 2.5 mg every other day, the only level I could take without constant stomach pains, skin rash or depression. And the results are great!
I’m feeling so relieved and joyful right now.
My next hurdle is getting my pain under control. I’m experiencing some withdrawal symptoms, and pain during activities. But none of this lessens the joy I feel, particularly in sharing this news with you. Thank you for caring about me.


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