Don’t Box Me In

A couple of weeks ago, I ordered makeup online from a division of Nordstrom. Nordstrom is my favorite department store, but one I am unable to visit often, because the closest one is an hour and a half away. To be exact, I ordered four Laura Geller i-care waterproof eyeliners in navy. Regular price is $20. I had paid that on Amazon a few months ago. The Nordstrom price was two for $12. Yeah, I jumped on that!
The shipping charge was $7.95. I added a couple of pairs of panties to the order, because that’s what I do when good stuff’s on sale, I buy MORE panties stuff. With $7.95 in shipping charges, I wanted to get my money’s worth. I think I made out OK. I’m not so sure about Nordstrom.
About a week later, a box arrived. 016ca00539d6ceda638f31460ac17eaa0c02136539
It wasn’t my order, in total. It was part of my order. One panty.







There was plenty of room in the box for the other things, don’t you think?







A few days later, another box arrived.

With … one panty.

Poor, lonely panty.









Today, the last part of my order came dragging in.
Each set of two eyeliners was packaged in a separate cardboard box. Each box was wrapped in a padded envelope, because we know how fragile pencils in cardboard boxes inside other cardboard boxes can be.











All of the items that cost $7.95 to ship will fit on a small envelope. I didn’t unbox the other two pencils. Use your imagination. (The pencils! Not the panties.)







Take a look at the amount of cardboard it took to deliver those smaller-than-an-envelope-items.

I do not dislike cardboard. My sister works for a cardboard manufacturing company. I encourage responsible cardboard use, for her prosperity.
Once or twice, I have had to make multiple trips to the post office with a package I am mailing because I miscalculated. I didn’t weigh the items carefully, or the box that held a $10 item was too tall and would cost $27 to mail. All the while, I would scrunch up my brows, suffering because of all the precious resources I was wasting: gas, or shoe leather; time; packing tape; labels; boxes. I learned how to carefully prepare my package to protect my money and restore brow smoothness.
Have you had a package-mailing make your brows scrunchy? It only takes a couple of times and a few cuss words and you will learn to measure twice, cut once, and all those other important rules of economy. What I want to know, is, when is someone from Nordstrom going to learn about shipping?

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